Mano County Update log | 4/22/2020

Mano County Update log | 4/22/2020 :clipboard:

This update mainly consists of bug patches affecting game play, server wide for all of our users.

Before we begin, Iโ€™d like to say thank you all voting me for Head Developer! It means a lot to me.

Bug Fixes: :hammer:

1) After many requests and after many failed attempts, we have finally patched the Inverted Cars bug.You can now drive the cars normally. Sorry for such a big delay!

2) After many reports, our protest sign has been fixed! Take to the streets to defend whats right!

3) ATM GUI will close on all atmโ€™s throughout the map, also providing a click sound before doing so.

4) House garage door system now works.

5) Houses and apartments may now be purchased again.


6) Mailing system improvements, still not added though, coming soon!

Check out the latest update here!