Manual Guide (Not public)


Section 1, requests. When you are sent a request, you must work with the other board members and decide if you should approve, or deny. If atleast one person denies it, you can’t go against them.

Section 2, organizing. When you get sent random things then that means that you have to organize it. Example: Commands. Organized: building tools, Training Tools, Manuals, etc.

Section 3, hosting meetings. When you would like to host a meeting with the board, simply sign your user name in the signup chat that will be here soon. You CANNOT steal people’s turn to host or you will be revoked from signups for a week.

Section 4, jobs. Each board member should have a job. Jobs: Editors (2 people), Head (1 person), and buisness person (2 people). I will now ask in a few minutes who wants which job. Please decide now.

Section 5, job training. I will now pm you all asking “What job would you want?” simply pm me back your option and I will send you to your groups.


As an editor, you are responsible for all the edits that go with the organization requests.

Example: Commands. You have to summarize it and make sure it goes through correctly with grammar.

Grammatical Example: Commands would be building tools, training tools, and manuals with extra equipment.

I will now test you. (Send them an organization request)

Buisness People

As a buisness person, your job is to manage the buisness. Examples: the group’s sales, the support team, and the management team