Many who've already received an invite to RDC were just invited again

How did this happen? I don’t know.

If you did get a second invite, what wave were you in initially?


My guess is this is either for the people part of wave 4 or the people who have not purchased a ticket. I was part of wave 2 and I already have my ticket, and I did not get a duplicate email.


Second invite time!

I bought my ticket with my application invite; and now got this.

“Hello Again” - the first invite email used the user’s username.

Perhaps these emails are intended and just a reminder? If so, they should probably have been sent out to just those who didn’t purchase a ticket.

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I bought my ticket already. I was in wave 2 or 3

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I just randomly got an invite as well even though I already bought my ticket.

I’m the opposite, I was part of wave 2 and I also hold a ticket but I received another email.

I was invited in wave 2 initially. Weirdly this email says “Hello again” so they know it’s their second time. I already bought my ticket so I’m not sure why they resent it.

I believe I was in application wave 1. I have already purchased my ticket and I received another email.

I was in Wave 3 and I got one of these as well. I purchased my tickets from the get-go, so I’m all set.

I was in Wave 3, & have already purchased my ticket. I got the e-mail.

I was in the latest wave (4? Whichever got invited based on application) and got the email as well, but have not bought tickets yet. Not sure if I should go!

Anyways, this happens with Roblox emails a lot (for the more personalized emails, like these invites). It’s nothing new to see duplicates. I’m assuming that the email lists just got crisscrossed or they want to make sure everyone knows.

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Guessing this is a glitch with their system, I’ve purchased a ticket a while ago already (and am going) - yet I haven’t received a “reminder” email.

I bought my ticket but also got a second invite.

Same here! I can not come this year though, I just applied to see if I was good enough. Turns out I was!

Even though I were invited for over a month ago I just got another invitation, however, this time it starts with “Hello Again,” instead of “Hello Tor_Laws,”.

EDIT: I did not buy tickets the first time, and most likely I won’t due the expenses.