Map Design Problem

So like I have been working on this game for some time and I am having like top-notch problems trying to come up with a map for the game. I’ve tried to draw a sketch and I did not like it. I tried to go with the flow and build what comes up in my head and it also did not work. At this point, I might hire someone lol…


Firstly, you can just send pictures and videos here via copy and paste/dragging, you don’t need to link pictures to Gyazo.

Also, can you please tell us what the map is meant to resemble? This way I can give helpful feedback.

Basically, You’re on an island and you spawn at the deck you can see there. And the map is meant to resemble like an Small Island/City with Activities to do & And some other stuff

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Maybe try looking at some real-life examples of a dock, rather than going off of imagination first. Get an actual real image of what you expect to build first, then you can let your imagination expand on that.

Also, I actually like the deck I think it looks pretty good - but if it’s not what you’re going for then definitely change it.