Map I made back in 2017 lags PC

Would this work on a Labtop, Tablet, or Phone? It’s a really big map. It have over 10,000 objects.
Would this crash lower tiers computers.


A map with only 10,000 parts shouldn’t cause any problems. If you made it with free models, there’s a chance some of them could have viruses which could hog computer resources.

If it’s all parts, I don’t think it would lag on lower end systems. Phone and tablet should also be fine.


It’s not all parts, some are scripts, some are particles and some are folders.

Can you show more screenshots?

It depends a lot on the phone/tablet/laptop model they’re using. It doesn’t seem that large and 10k parts aren’t that much so any device over 500$ should be able to run it lag-free

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It shouldn’t lag too much for lower tier devices. 10k objects should be manageable. But, remember to anchor everything too so that the game will not lag due to the physics engine running due to those moving parts.

That would definitely lag on lower end devices…

The laptop I’m using cost well above 500 and I lag on 10,000 part games…

I think having too many unions messes everything up and creates excessive lag, try to remove some non-essential unions.