Map made in 15 min

All of them are made in blender.
Any feedback?


the quality is low i understand 15 min eh

8/ 10


Ik I’ve been taking inspirations from n64. thats why its a bit low.


well it’s better than anything i can make in 15 minutes in roblox studio


I guess I can only say that this is impressive work considering it was completed in fifteen minutes. I guess the rock walls look a bit weird, but it was done very quickly so I’ll not complain about it.

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I like the style. Any particular type of game it was made for?


Pretty good for 15 minutes. The rock/mountain texture is weird.

eh it’s not the worst map that can be made in 15 minutes

The Textures really look kind of weird but still it’s good.

i cant tell if this is joke or not but good job :laughing:

It’s not a joke don’t worry lol but thanks.

It’s because I used shading to put textures on blender.

The Textures just looks like old gta games.

I actually really like the trees stylistically, especially for being made in fifteen minutes.

I’ll give my honest opinion on the scene.

I’m not a fan of it personally. The trees look acceptable for an N64 style, but the grass and rock textures look zoomed in and oddly stretched out, which would be easy to fix with repeating textures even within the limitations of the style you’re going for.

I’m aware you finished this in 15 minutes, but it shouldn’t be your goal to finish it extremely quickly if it comes at the cost of quality. Either way, consider this advice if you hope to keep polishing this scene.


Not something someone should consider using nowadays, but the style is nice.

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Looks like that old-school DS mario game

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it was definitely made in 15 min!!..

any free models? If no, its alright, akthough the decal res is horrible

All the textures are far too stretched out

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