Map thoughts/visual experience

Small piece of map

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Super talented @MartinKhan i have a few questions though…
1.Are you going for a military-esque theme?
2.Is this going to be the final design(makes no sense,sorry)
3.Is this going to be pvp or pve?

Other than that though, Good Stuff-r0b

Gorgeous design, terrain is well integrated with your buildings.

There’s very few games out there that actually have this natural ambience that immerses players.

Reminded me quite a bit of that snow Black Ops 1 map, and I’d be quite excited to try this out.

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Amazing, I really like the details of broken bricks on the houses and the mud on the roofs. The terrain is very well integrated and the decoration like barriers is very cool.

Does the houses have interior?

This map looks amazing!

I love the amount of detail that was put into the map with textures on the buildings. The lighting also looks really good and with the props, it creates a nice natural ambiance to it. It reminds me of one Garry’s Mod map I believe its called “gm_mountainside”. It’s honestly really amazing in my opinion.

But I feel like some trees could be a bit taller to add more variety to the trees since in the last screenshot it looks as if they are all on the same level of height. Also is the snow client sided or is there a massive part with the snow particles? Since it would be much more efficient to have a client-sided part above the camera. Other than that it is really well made and amazing to look at.

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