Maple Heart - Update Log

Maple Heart Update Log

Update 0.01
  • Player Control UI (Sprint, Crouch etc.)
  • Player Data-saving
  • Team Changing
  • Uniform Selection
  • Training Academy Document
  • Started Building Training Academy
  • Location System (Will display a players location so they can radio it in)
  • Sheriff Department Icon
Update 0.02
  • Changed Player Key-binds
  • Training Academy Building has been imported
  • Reworked Player UI
  • Overhead UI has been updated
  • Changed Police Department Color to Cyan from Light Blue
  • Added T7 Taser to Server (Working on the functionality of the tool)
  • Recruit Uniform for Training Academy
  • Instructor Uniform for Training Academy
  • Game Icon for City & Academy
  • Disabled Handbook, Crouch & Laydown
  • Changed Jump Delay from 1.45 to 1.15
  • Changed Sprinting from 30 to 36
  • Auto Kick Players who are not apart of the Maple Heart Police Department Group (Stop trolling’s etc.)
  • Age Limit Script (Stop people from joining on alts)
  • Added Background Sounds to the Training Academy
Update 0.03
  • Added Player Lockers
  • Added Hat Remover / Hat Giver
  • Started Working on Animations for T7, ACR Etc.
  • Added Music Bot Prefix is “/”
  • Cadet Uniform
  • Instructor Uniform
  • Training Academy Main building is 76% Finished
  • Sheriff Department Icon has been uploaded
  • Added Special Channels / Items for Server Staff

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