Marble Run Holiday 2020 Patch Notes

Winter has hit the playground and it couldnt be any cooler!

That’s right Holiday 2020 is here and marks the first holiday even for Marble Run! This update includes a lot so lets get to it!

New Capsule: Holiday 2020
This new Holiday themed capsule will only be out during the holiday season (unlike Easter 2019)
so grab it while its hot!

Free Holiday Gift!
Join during the event and earn 50 free shards on us! Happy Holidays!

New Map: m_beta1
This map is themed off of classic Video Game beta test levels that are used to test game mechanics! It’s pretty wacky and I’m sure some cool tricks and skips will be found!

Royal Slide Rework
Many players were confused by the verification system with the old version of the map so… we remade it. Hopefully this version will make more sense to the players and of course be a lot more fun!

Times for this map have been reset

Leaderboard Fixes
No don’t worry times weren’t reset! We fixed an error with some times not displaying due to usernames not being retrievable. This has been fixed!

We’ve also adjusted the appearance slightly to make the leaderboards more readable!


  • Snowfall has come to the playground!
  • The soccer field has turned in to a hockey field?
  • Small bug fixes with some areas of the map

Happy Holidays everyone! Play here: Marble Run!! - Roblox

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