Marina Bay: Reimagined

Marina Bay: Reimagined

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About Us

Hello fellow developers! My name is Unionists and I am part of the development team of Marina Bay: Reimagined, a project that is supported by real life Singapore government agencies, and was also presented on Singaporean live radio. It was also showcased to the public at an exhibition and we have recieved generally good feedback from parents and players.

What is the game about?

It is the recreation of Marina Bay in 3D, which aims to educate young people on sustainable decisions in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Goals for 2030. In the virtual world, players get to make many consumption decisions, like considering what to eat and how to travel. There is a carbon footprint indicator in the game which keeps track of the amount of carbon generated with each decision the player makes. As the carbon emissions rise, the impacts on the environment will be made apparent to the player. These will be in the form of unpredictable weather changes, rising sea levels and litter everywhere. We are a team that is trying to emulate climate change in a virtual format so as to raise awareness of the detrimental impacts that it would bring about.

Job Details

We are looking for professional scripters, builders and UI artists to be part of this journey where you will model and re-create Marina Bay in full 3D form. Scripters will help to enhance the current format of environment changes in the game to make it more immersive and realistic. UI artists are needed to design a city-style UI to be matching for the game.


The image above is an example of one of the buses in the game which forms the backbone of Singapore’s transportation system. It is an alternative method to cars and is fast and reliable. It is created in a collaboration with the real life Land Transport Authority of Singapore, the owners of the “SG♡Bus” trademark and the bus.

We need scripters to design a bus driving UI where there will be arrows pointing the correct route (where the bus drive to) and a warning for wrong lane etc.

We also require a car buy and spawn system where players are able to click on a GUI to spawn their vehicle anywhere. We are currently using a car spawn system that spawns vehicles on specific bricks, which is currently rather glitchy.

This isn’t just another game

We are a game that is supported by numerous real-life companies and agencies. For a game created in Roblox by teenage developers, it is a remarkable achievement that real-life firms and government agencies respect and support the cause of our development. We are a game doing a good cause: advocating change to players.


We pay from R$1,000 to R$20,000 depending on the complexity and quality of the creations that you’ve created.


You can contact me directly by messaging me on the Developer Forum. I will pass you my Discord when we have agreed on an outcome.


It’s pretty cool to see real life firms and government agencies collaborating with Roblox developers. This opens up new avenues for us Roblox developers so I salute you on this one.


For a project that is being supported by Singapore government agencies, I think that some may be expecting slightly higher payments for working on the project.

However, it should be enough to convince those who are passionate about the game idea.

Edit: I’m going to apply for this - seems like a great opportunity!


Im Singaporean and this seems like a cool project, I’ve messaged you on devforum :slight_smile:

So do we just submit assets that we’ve built and then we’ll get paid? That is epic if so :happy3:!

Yes. It depends on what you’ve built though and the quality of it.

Basically has to pass through a QC

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