Mario Kart 64 Rainbow Road

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So I recently finished the basic outline of a rainbow road outline. It was a birthday present for a friend (grarrg, and it was due 8 months ago), but also something I was interested in making. A bunch of points were placed throughout the map, and then I used some interpolation (cosine iirc) to connect everything. Each colored section of the road is created using two triangles (or 4 wedges). It’s obviously not an exact copy, but pretty close since the points were placed based on the actual rainbow road model.

Notice the red spheres placed on the road. They’re what I used to approximate points; the guidelines of the road.

Later on I added railings. Not that hard since I used the points on the side of each colored section to create the triangles. The below image is an updated version that didn’t get featured in the final place (was too late), but it’s all I have atm.

Now then, that same friend takes that rough outline and turns it into a true finished version. Pretty accurate methinks ^^

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I like it… I haven’t been able to complete the course… but I found how realistic it is…

I will say that is an interesting use for “Triangles terrain”

I will say that is an interesting use for “Triangles terrain” [/quote]

If a race track is going to be made, it shouldn’t have curves. If it does, it needs to use triangles. I learned that the hard way, as you can see…

I am looking at the picture of your entire tack. Where is the seam in the rainbow? I know there is one somewhere. This is harder than Where’s Waldo.

Edit: Found it.

Right in the middle along a straight away there is a yellow area missing.

Technical difficulties.