Marketing Strategies

Heyo! Here at Glided Games, I’m left wondering what would be a good marketing strategy for my game? There are currently bugs by the way so ignore them, we are working on fixing them, but some we can’t since our scripter is offline (help!)


Many Obbies are left with one sort of marketing, skip stage, my game only has 10 tiers (17 now but we are getting revamp and making it only 10 so more people can actually complete it), as they are supposed to be hard, and its the way tiered obbies work. My game is one of the biggest of Tier obbies on roblox. (with more than one tier in it)

My only source of profit as of right now, is angels, you can either wait per/m or buy them, noone has purchased them yet, and donating. I need help with marketing to soar people into the game and buy something so that we can get some profit in our group! (My group has 200 members and the game has 6.5k visits in 1 1/2 month with only around 700 profit, all put back into the group)

someone help!

In order to keep your player on board with your game, you need to make it catered to them. When you mentioned that it is always hard, that’s a big no-no. If you want new and returning users to enjoy your game, they need to have an easy start and as they progress through levels, it gets harder.

There’s this really cool category called #help-and-feedback:scripting-supportwhere we will help you fix your code. Just describe your issue in a new topic and show the code you have and we will help you out.

As I’ve mentioned before, adding that progression through levels will keep your players. Also, add in some new mechanics like collecting stuff through each level, collecting coins, items, etc. add something that is logical and that other obbies don’t have so that your game is unique from others.