Marketplace fee rounding

I know the current stance of the markerplace fees for dev products is 30% of price. How would they calculate say 30% of 5. I know its 1.5 but do they round to 2 or 1?

Marketplace fee uses the form of rounding they usually teach you at schools.

It’s accurate to the tenth. If the decimal is 0.4 or below, then it’s rounded to 0. If it’s 0.5 or above, then it’s rounded to 1.

In your example, it would round to 2 since 0.5 is 0.5 or above.

So that means if my gamepass is 5 robux, i earn 3?

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You’d earn 3 robux. 30% of 5 is 1.5, so we round up to 2. Like stated in the reply above. 5-2=3, so you’d earn 3 robux.

If the number was 1.8 you’d get 2.
If the number was 1.4, you’d get 1.

If it’s 0.4 or less, then don’t add anything. It stays at whatever number it was before.
If it’s 0.5 or more, then add 1. It goes up by 1.

But don’t I earn 70% of the profits? So based off of the rounding 70% of 5 is 3.5 and since the marketplace fee rounds up I get 3 robux?

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Mb, I misread the question. :slight_smile: You’re earning 3.

Roblox specifies that they take off tax, so I think they would calculate the 30% and then subtract it from your 5.

I don’t think this is actually working tho

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