Marketplace Service & User Input Service

So on Coalesce, we’ve got an issue where when you are prompted to purchase an item with R$ etc. Whenever you press A purchase or B to cancel, the UserInputService stills picks this up in the background on the GUI behind the Marketplace prompt causing issues where users are stuck in a constant prompting loop.
Does anybody have a way of checking whether a marketplace prompt is visible on the screen so I make a workaround to the issue. Alternatively, any ideas of another way round this issue?

UserInputService’s InputBegan, InputEnded, and InputChanged events have a boolean that, if it is true, means that the input was processed by some sort of core Roblox function.

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It’s displaying as true no matter what :confused:

I’ve done a workaround (unless somebody can think of a better way of doing it).
I’ve put both a PromptPurchaseFinished and a PromptProductPurchasedFinished on the client side to check for when the UserInput controls are allowed to resume. Not my neatest practice, but it’ll do the job for now I guess… :grimacing:

It’s better practice to be using ContextActionService:BindAction(…). It properly handles buttons’ actions being overridden.

I made a cheat sheet for this. Don’t use UserInputService for this!

I’ll definitely have a look into this tomorrow - thanks!

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It is still a bug that “IsProcessed” is returning true whenever the ‘A’ button is pressed. This should not be normal behavior.

Yep, it’s still doing it, only for A though, B returns as false.

Just wanted to chime in on this thread encase anyone is still looking, but the “IsProcessed” bug has been fixed.

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Thanks, I’ll give it a try tomorrow

@JParty I just tried it, and it still isn’t working correctly

This is concerning, looking into it.