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I’m struggling getting a way to get 10% of every purchase in the game like how pls donate do it? I tried alot of way but still I cant do it, Any main function for it too work?

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Can you specify?

YK how pls donate donation system work? When player donated to a people, the game will get 10% of the payment

it automatically gives you 10% of the payments if the way theyre donating is via TShirts, Shirts, UGC hats or Pants.

(UGC hats is a bit more unlikely considering most people wouldnt make a ugc hat as a donation.)

wait really?, so the system will be like this?

Player Donation : 100$
Robux Tax : 30$
Group Tax : 10$
Player who got donated earn 60$ ?

Correct me if im wrong, but i’ve seen people get donated 1000 robux and get ~60000 as opposed to 70000

so yes.

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