Mass Select/Delete for Localization Editor

Recently, I tried to translate my game for the first time. I was recommended to use the auto text capture features, and just edit each thing manually. This is fine, and works for most games, but I made a few mistakes: I left custom nametags, chat-bubbles, and quest dialogue GUIs with the AutoLocalize property enabled, and this has spammed up the translation list with 82 pages of random junk:

Here you can see the quest dialogue (which comes up one character at a time):

Here are people’s usernames saved from chat-bubbles and nametags:

I have now fixed these issues (and swapped to using LocalizationService where necessary), but I am left with pages of unnecessary spam in my translation table. This is making it harder for my translators to do their jobs, and is just generally irritating.

I therefore propose a mass delete option. There’s not much else to say; it’s a feature I honestly expected to already exist, and one that is sorely needed, for me and others who have a large spammed up database, and doesn’t seem to have any technical reason not to exist.

I have already started deleting each entry manually, and I know that this is unlikely to be added soon enough to help me, but for all those who follow my mistakes in the future this would be an life-saving feature.

For anyone who says I should just delete the database and start again: we already have several languages completely translated, so that’s not really an option either, as it’s at this point easier to just cope with the spam.

There’s a button that lets you delete all untranslated content specifically, and only content from the ATC. It will not delete custom untranslated entries. This seems to be what you’re looking for? Or does it need to be more granular?

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It’s amazing that I can’t ever find something until after I post a feature request. Thanks for this, it’s pretty much exactly what I’m looking for!

I still think a more precise and granular option should be available, but this will tide me over for now haha.

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