Mass updating packages in several places is tedious

If you update all packages in multiple games within your universe:

The changes aren’t pushed live unless you open up each place and publish that place.

Having to open each place to do alt + p is annoying, non-intuitive, disruptive to my workflow, and wastes time.

There should be some form of option to allow for this, as that was the beauty of LinkedSource scripts.


The response to this post may help with your issue, what you’re describing seems like intended behaviour.

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That is so not cash money. Thanks for directing me there, I wasn’t able to find a post about it. Moving this to a feature request.

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Roblox needs a cash money team to work solely on cash money solutions.


Figure I’d update this thread cause of the bump.

Using “Publish Whole Game” is a very close solution, but it doesn’t have the versatility of package hotfixes (without publishing the game) that LinkedSources once supplied.

We understand the use case desired here, and are working on potential solutions. I cannot guarantee a timeline.

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Nevermind, this doesn’t work 100% of the time and can break games as a result. This doesn’t update packages perfectly.

This very close solution is now impossible due to the removal (?) of the “Publish Whole Game” option.

This is one of the main reasons I’m avoiding packages with a ten foot pole and why I think other developers should as well - not to mention this is why I’m rewriting my game from the ground up since I relied too heavily on packages.

An option of “Publish Updates To All Places” should be mandatory.

Currently, Packages lack a lot of core functions I want for me to even consider using them. :man_shrugging: