Massive Lag in Script Editor


When I edit any script in any place I experience massive lag which makes editing scripts impossible. I have no plugins installed, and no other apps open. It happens even if auto-complete is turned off. It happens even on a blank baseplate.

My CPU performance under the Resource Monitor claims to average just 4% while editing.
Despite this, my monitor flickers slightly, my cursor lags, and text input is delayed by more than a second.

This doesn’t happen in any other application or text editor. Just Roblox Studio 64 bit.

Here is my microprofiler dump. The Perform and Present spike incredibly hard when I open the script editor, but when I’m just viewing the workspace, the readout is typical.

microprofile-20190324-152340.html (1.2 MB)

Here are some specs
Graphics card: Nvidia GTX 1080-Ti

Let me know soon what I can do to get this working again. Currently at a standstill. :slight_smile:

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