Matching part orientations

I’m trying to make an armour equipping system for an upcoming game, but I can’t seem to orientate the parts to make them match up with the player’s body parts.
see video below

What I want to know is how to properly orient parts. I’ve never been able to master that skill.
I understand I’m doing something wrong, and I have looked around but have been unsuccessful in finding something I understand.

Here is what I have tried:
lower.Orientation =

Can someone please clearly walk me through how to do this properly? It’s crucial that I get this right.

Thank you!
~ salcret

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What you want to use is CFrame, To keep things simple, CFrame is a combination of Vector3 Position and Orientation. When setting a part’s CFrame to another part’s cframe it takes the position and orientation into account and it will be relative to the part.

Here’s a article on it:

If you’re trying to create a system that places armor on the character, I have an easier method for you.

Create different models for the armor, named different limbs. Aka, UpperTorso, etc. In each model, design the armor, then place an invisible block that’s the same size as the player’s limb, and have it centered in the model. Then, use a welding script to weld that model’s parts together, put it in the character, and make a weld in the invisible part, set it’s Part0 property to itself, then set Part1 to the according limb in the character.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Use CFrame.LookVector so that they all are pointing the same way, just set the armor’s part’s CFrame.LookVector to the player’s HumanoidRootPart’s.