Materials on MeshParts

So I’ve been seeing things like materials being put onto MeshParts like Cobblestone and other things is this a sure thing or a joke because I can’t seem to figure out how to do it and it’s been driving me crazy the past free days trying to add a ROBLOX material like sand to a MeshPart for four days now -u-
I mean ROBLOX’s default materials such as sand, neon, grass, and etc.
Anyways thanks for the help.
“I’m also not sure if this is the correct area to be posting this.”

Did you mean Three*?

Aside from being a grammar nazi I have something to offer to this post:
I don’t believe they have material support for MeshParts yet, so it is probably a Texture they are adding to the mesh, by my understanding.

Also this probably really isnt the right place, glad you asked, I’m sure it would be fine under the general Development Discussion Category.
This category is for making outlined feature requests

It was fully enabled for a day then disabled. Probably due to file corruption bugs.

I’m sorry for the bad grammar been working on meshes the past two months #allnighters everyday.

Thanks for the update so when do you think they will allow them again? "I know that you used them before right ScriptOn?"Did they have neon enabled

“O’God please say they did”

Pretty sure every material worked.

I’m not an admin and don’t know when it’ll be back but someone like @zeuxcg might know.

O’God this is gonna be hot.
Thank you for giving me the info.

Every material worked… my heart sunk when they reverted. Oh well.