Math help for my rock effect

Im creating a rock smash effect (and please note that I know how to do this, i just have a very confusing error that no one seems to be able to fix). Here is my current code, or a chunk of it –

local function getEquation(r, a, x,y)
    local x,y = r*math.sin(a) ,r*math.cos(a)
    return {x,y}
local function createCircle(originPart, partSpacing, radius, partParent)
    local radius, p = radius, originPart
    for count = 0,360,partSpacing do
        local pa ="Part", partParent)
        pa.Anchored, pa.CanCollide = true, false
        local tbl = getEquation(radius, count)
        local x,z = tbl[1], tbl[2]
        local px,py,pz = p.CFrame.X,p.CFrame.Y,p.CFrame.Z
        pa.CFrame =, py, pz+z)
        transformation(pa, partParent, originPart)
    crack(originPart, partParent, radius, 4)

This seems to work normally, but if I fire the function with, say, partSpacing=72 and radius=15 then it would look like this –

if anyone could help, I would really appreciate it!

The primary issue I see is that the for loop operates with an integer number of degrees while the math library trig functions use radians. A quick fix would be

getEquation(radius, math.rad(count))

I don’t think that would explain the weird pattern that was linked though.

Edit: actually, after, closer inspection, I assume those rings are the parts and the issue is the inconsistent spacing, which would be explained by this issue. In the future, a screenshot of what this produces would be more helpful.


thanks for the help - I never got to trying your solution because someone in HiddenDevs helped me fix it, but thanks for helping anyways

thats usually what happens, Ill make a devforum post then someone helps me somewhere else soon after.