Math on Roblox are complicated, does anyone have a tip?

I’m not a expert on math, I can’t understand each math functions except math huge and math random only the complicated math functions, any tips for me to get better math at Roblox studios?

I will be greatful if someone responses!
I’m still learning lua, just the math part makes me confuse.

I’m not that professional at math, math on Roblox are way confusing

not much i can help but i read this article and its very usefull, you could try reading any type of math function on this docs

Tbh math on Roblox complicated as much, as any other programming language does. Try to learn trigonometry, it’s the main part. You can find a lot of info about it on devforum and internet.


Thanks, is there for more that I need actually to learned?

On Roblox, you need also learn CFrames, and Vector math. Everything other - depending on needs.

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