Mature/Dedicated Scripter - Unavailable

Who is Cyafu?

  • I’ve been playing on Roblox since 2014 but didn’t make an official account until 2016.
  • I like playing open world games with building and combat on Roblox
  • I’m a friendly and professional person
  • I’m good at communicating and I like to work with all sorts of people

Why would I want to commission you?

  • I started coding 3 years ago with Java, JavaScript, and a little bit of C++, so I know many different programming styles and topics
  • I started with Lua 1.5 years ago and have scripted for an average of 5 hours a week, however recently I’ve been scripting for about 10 hours a week on average.
  • I take all the time I am allotted to ensure there are no bugs, errors, or other nasty surprises that will ruin the vibe of whatever it is I am making.
  • I’m able to communicate well with my peers and coworkers
  • Last, and most importantly, I am a pro googler

What have you done as a scripter?

Ah I’m so glad you asked. Despite not being many things I have made, it’s because I spend so much time adding new features and ensuring everything is clean, bug-free, and secure.

If you would like to view some videos/images of past work(and I’m sure you would), just check below

Click to reveal Wonderland

My recent public project, a mass tree placer that uses rays, CFrame math, and some other stuff

ezTree V1.0.2 - Roblox - Try it yourself

I made this for my friend, which uses some CFrame math and TweenService - Video of what it does
31337 Testing Facility - Roblox - See for yourself

A simple camera movement system for a pet shop - Video of it

An advanced free-build system with customizable props, colors, orientations, and more
Youtube link here

A VFX magic attack
Sorry for no video, I haven’t uploaded a screen recording of it to YouTube yet. I’ll do that soonish

I’m the lead scripter for a cafe called “Sakura’s Cafe”
You can try it out here. Most everything was programmed by me.

And lots more that I haven’t uploaded YET

How much do you charge?

As I am not open for commissions quite yet, there is no payment info. But don’t worry, I’ll update this post when I can.

How do I get in contact with you?

A PM on the forum is good, and I’ll provide my discord in the near future


I still love that Testing Facility. :grin:

Anyway, when Cyafu opens up his commissions, I definitely recommend hiring him. He is such a kind and funny friend, and I’m glad I met him. :heart:

I’ve seen lots of his projects, and they are outstanding. I can’t wait for him to show the rest of his projects on his portfolio!

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