Max Dampering for BodyGyro?

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Quick question. How much is the max value that Dampering property allows on BodyGyro?
I ask this cause, when I use 9000 as dampering, works better than using 900000. Obviously when I reduce it, I get undesired effects. Whats is the max value for Dampering, Power and MaxTorque? (I cant find that info on the hub)

Extra info: My problem is having missiles changing its orientation when another missile explodes near that missile… They are being controlled by a BodyVelocity, so they preserve the direction but not the rotation. (With dampering = 9000 they work “acceptable” but I see how they quickly change rotation (slightly) and inmediately returns to the correct rotation.)

I don’t think there is a max value.

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What would be the reason that 9,000 works better than 9,000,000 ?
If I use 500, works terrible… if I use 1000, works better, if I use 9,000 better, if I use more, starts to work terrible…

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:sneezing_face: I don’t think it’s intentional.

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