MaxSpeed vs MaxThrust Misunderstanding?

Right now I am working with the RocketPropulsion body mover. On it states that

The MaxSpeed property determines the upper limit of the velocity at which the part will move toward the RocketPropulsion/Target|Target .

I think this means that MaxSpeed will limit the amount of thrust allowed because it says that “MaxSpeed property determines the upper limit of the velocity.” It also says

A RocketPropulsion will apply a force to decelerate a part if it exceeds this speed limit.

This also helps establish that MaxSpeed limits MaxThrust. The problem is that when I set the MaxThrust to a low value such as 10,000, the part moves normally, but when I set it to 100,000 I get different results even though the MaxSpeed of 1 should limit it?

Can someone explain rocketpropulsion’s properties and effects in-depth?

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Will this work?

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