May I have some opinions and feedback on this map I am currently creating?


Currently I am trying to create my very first “Low Poly” lobby. I currently do not have access to blender until next month or so. So I am using what I have to my disposal to create this!
So basically every studio tool + a plugin or two.

What you see here has taken me around 1/2 Days so far, Because yesterday some unions were corrupted and deleted entirely

Side notes: I plan to sell this once it is complete, just asking for some feedback on what I have created so far before I go any further. Also apologies for the low quality, the graphics are at 21 but I believe it is because of the PC I am currently on. Everything you see here is created by me, only plugin used is gapfill to help me fill in gaps I could not do myself.

Photos of the lobby

More notes: Please do not be afraid to tell me what I did incorrect or something I can 100 percent do differently :slightly_smiling_face: I want to improve and that’s why I joined here!


Hey looks good so far to me! Maybe add a path from the two buildings to the bridge and then across to the two shops. Also, I feel like those windows are two large creating that very skinny support. I would make those smaller maybe, and of course add glass. I also would add a few more things maybe in the middle of the two buildings, or even a small boat in the middle of the water.


I will take note of these. Thank you :smiley:

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I’ll start simple, and get to the more complicated issues.

First issue is with the NPCs at the shops and stands, they’re in the same pose, try giving them unique ways of standing or leaning, and doing this will be easier with a R15 rig.

Second issue is that there seems to be no way in or out for the water, try adding some sort of cave on both sides.

Third issue is the trees. It would be nice if you made multiple models for the trees so there is some variety, instead of just being the same tree pasted over and over.

Now I’m going to get into small things like details around the map. I recommend adding benches in empty areas, also rocks. Also, if you added a path to each of the buildings/stands, and had a fountain around here(see below), it would look much better.

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Like Skkobi said, I’d add something extra between the shops and stalls but I’d also try adding a 3rd island in the circled place. There’s lots of space there and I hate to see it go to waste.

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Took note of everything you just said as well! Funny story is I was actually going to create benches. Halfway through building them I scrapped them cause I didn’t really think I would need them. But I can create another model for them. ill get to work here shortly.

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I have to say, this is a pretty good start of building a low poly lobby. I might have a few misconceptions about the map. But to say the least, this is a good starting point.

•Using the “GapFill” plugin, It mostly contain multiple parts (Depending on how far the parts are), might affects your Fps, and performance.

•The trees are okay, but in my opinion, you should use Blender. Using Blender might help reduce your part count, and will greatly affect your performance.

•For your both island, you should add some height differences to make the map more interesting.

•Speaking of trees, You should add some height differences and color variety to make them not look 'Copy & Pasted".

•For the map, you should add some barrels, houses, campfires, ect to make the scene feel alive (optional).

Otherwise, This is a pretty good start.


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What would actually look cool in my opinion is a height difference in the bridge, so you go slightly up and down. Makes the lobby feel a lot less flat and makes the bridge look better.

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I had no idea of this. I will for sure go back and fix this! There should not be that many parts though I created with gapfill. But I could be wrong

And for the blender part yea thats why I cannot wait to get my new computer next month. So I can start using it. Right now this pc im using is from a friend whos lending it to me and he built it specifically for roblox and roblox studio only.

Anyway back on topic here thank you for your opinions and ill 100% go back and fix gapfill. I for real had no clue this could affect it.


I can probably do that later tonight when I have more time :slight_smile:

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It feels very empty with two buildings and two shacks. Maybe add some more different shacks or some other small details?

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Off to a good start, I like this map.

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In it’s current state it looks a bit too simple. I suggest adding tiny details, such as flowers, plants, etc. I also think you should add stuff to the spawn area, or what I assume is a spawn area, I think you should add things to the walls, such as posters or rules things like that.

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You have a really great start to your map! I would probably add more stuff especially with the space that you have with all that water, maybe some prop boats or something. And add like other gamepass related signs in your lobby and maybe posters.

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First of all, top marks on your map. You have made an excellent start to your project and I commend you. The overall appearance is very good indeed.

If you are looking for pointers for ideas, may I make the following suggestions?

A simple path would lead people around the map and make it look more full. I think that the addition of simple clutter (such as a pair of ducks swimming in a circle in the large expanse of water; a park bench for visitors to sit upon; a small selection of shrubs placed in the open areas; standing signs by the entrances of your stores) would really enhance the overall appearance. Personally, myself, I would avoid the use of the pair of thin uprights by the store entrances and replace them with something more substantial. (It might be more logical to have something thicker and sturdier, holding the roof of the building.)

Overall, I think that you have made a magnificent effort and I will look forward to seeing how your work develops. Good luck to you.

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I like the simple style! Adding on to the third island suggestion, a little bit more vegetation would do some justice as well! Looks kind of empty. Wish you good luck on your project!

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