May Recap: Here's What You Might Have Missed in the Developer Community

Hey Developers,

We have a ton of awesome new updates for the Developer Community, and we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss anything! This is our first recap, which we will be publishing once a month, to recall important feature updates, spotlights, discussion threads and more.

From the Developers
We love seeing developers’ work on Roblox, and want to share some success stories to empower and inspire other developers to try new things! We’ve curated a shortlist of highlights from the month, and will be highlighting new content, from different developers, each month!

As you might have noticed from some of our Featured Games this month, Roblox games can now be localized to Spanish! Have you read our series on Localization? Make sure to take a quick read and learn the impact that localizing can have on your game:

  • “From the Devs”: Localizing the Egg Hunt: For those of us who played and loved the Egg Hunt, this is an interview about what it took to get to the final, localized product that was the Egg Hunt 2018! Find out what it takes to translate a game of Egg-Hunt size, and learn some tips and tricks along the way.
  • “From the Devs”: Localizing Tales From the Valley: You might be wondering, “how can I find someone to help me localize my game?”. This interview, from @Arch_Mage, developer of Tales from the Valley, discusses @Arch_Mage translation process, and provides some suggestions of how to get help translating your games.
  • “From the Devs”: It’s a Local Treasure Hunt: A top-ten earning game, and available in two languages?! From starting with Google Translate to leveraging friendships on Roblox, this interview covers @HenryDev experience translating Treasure Hunt Simulator, and a few reasons why you should consider translating too.
  • Did you hear? We have an entire Developer Relations publication, which will continue to feature you- our amazing developers! Read it all here.

Are you into design, or looking for some new looks for your game? Check out some of these new designs from developers in the community:

Feature Releases and Announcements:
We’ve been busy working on the platform for you. A lot of new features and announcements have been released on Roblox, and we don’t want you to miss any! Below is a snapshot of top releases on Roblox this last month, be sure to read into them for more details. And remember; this is just a small portion of the releases, so be sure to check the forum regularly!

This past month on the Roblox DevForum, we’ve released the below features (and many more):

Informative announcements:

Lua Widgets and Plugins:
Developers are always looking for helpful widgets and plugins, or creating some themselves. Check out some of these widgets and plugins and see what you can use! Something that we’re excited about is that you can now have Lua widgets for plugins! Read more about that here.

Below are some of our favorite plugins of the month:

Please note, this is just a snapshot of what has been announced on the Developer Forum! Be sure to check back on the forum for additional announcements and releases, and read our Medium Publication for more interviews from developers!


Great new initiative. It’s a lot to keep track of but this does a pretty good summary of what’s going on!


We should have more of these. This is brilliant and it’s been nice reading what’s up with the Developer Community nowadays, in summary. Hope to see more recaps.


This is fantastic and you’re an awesome person for writing this up.


This is awesome! It’s so easy to miss things when you’re in the grind. I prefer briefings like this anyway so i can stay focused.


I’m honored to be featured with such a talented group of people! This is such a great idea and it’s super helpful for us developers when we’re trying to promote our work! :slight_smile:


Agreed! A wonderful way to do all of that.


Thanks for featuring me guys! It’s such a great idea and brings me back to the days of weekly Roblox roundup on the blog, years ago, thanks for keeping up the tradition! :heart:


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