May someone clarify serialisation for me?

There’s probably a post I didn’t dig around for that contains the information I’m looking for but I don’t see it, so I’ll ask the question briefly here.

Serialization means obtaining data that can be stored through things like DataStores, right? And deserialization is the opposite?

SERIALIZE = Get the value of x IntValue object

SERIALIZE = function(object)
	return object.Value or nil

DESERIALIZE = Create object with x Value from a table or otherwise

DESERIALIZE = function(val)
	local ValueObject ="IntValue")
	ValueObject.Value = (type(val) == "number" and val or 0)
	return ValueObject

I haven’t really looked into the art of serialization, I’ve probably done it without realizing it. I just need clarification.

SERIALIZING an object means you’re converting it into some form that can be stored.

DESERIALIZING is taking that stored form and converting it back into the object.

So yes, assuming your two functions only work on int-values, that is correct.