Maze Craze Update Log & Other Information

About the Game

Don’t know what Maze Craze is? Maze Craze is a round-based game where you have to escape a maze, with randomly disappearing walls! In order to escape, you’ll have to be smart about where you go, and make use of helpful powerups!

Play the game here!

Latest Update

:tada: 1k visits update! Once again, I didn’t think the game would get this far!

  • :straight_ruler: The tutorial has been added! Head over to the pipe in the lobby!
  • :dash: Turbo boosters, the better versions of the normal speed boosters, appear in the maze!
  • :zap: New hazard, Wire Zappers!
  • :mag: The starting walls in the maze have been removed!
  • :ghost: Other people are now a bit transparent during rounds, so you can see yourself better!
  • :hammer: Bug fixes!

Previous Update


  • :japanese_goblin: Faux Ice Creams have been added to the maze! They look similar to normal ice creams, but will take away your ice cream instead of giving some to you!
  • :disappointed_relieved: Emojis have been removed…
  • :zap: Speed boosters have been added to the maze! They temporarily increase your speed!
  • :dizzy: New hazard - Teletraps! They teleport you to the start of the maze when you touch them!
  • :cyclone: New powerup - Faux Immunity! Become immune to faux ice creams!
  • :musical_note: New intro music!
  • :hammer: Bug fixes!

Update Archive
  • :warning:Hazards have been added! They may spawn in the maze, and will try to stop you, so try to avoid them!
  • :video_game:New gamemode - Speed Sink!
  • :eyes:A little info box has been added that shows you the gamemode and hazard for every round!
  • :moneybag: The price for 500 ice creams has been reduced from :robux_gold: 200 to :robux: 175!
  • :point_up_2:A couple interactable things have been added to the lobby!
  • :hammer:Bug fixes!
  • :eyes:Some things in the lobby are now interactable!
  • :video_game:New gamemode - Conveyor Ground!
  • :first_quarter_moon_with_face:Night mode! Change the time of day, and the music changes too!
  • :sparkles:The lobby has gotten some nice detail added to it.
  • :hammer:Attempt to fix the bug where the camera is focused on you and not the lobby when you join sometimes!
  • :tada:500 visits! I know it’s not much, but I didn’t think the game would get this far!
  • :cyclone:New powerup, the “Random Teleport” powerup!
  • :sparkles:Added a cool little intro when you join a server!
  • :smile:More emojis added for emoji customization!
  • :snowman:Made the ground in Slippery Ground a bit more icy!
  • :hammer:Fixed the little “description” that appears when you hover over a powerup going off screen!
  • :hammer: (Hopefully) Fixed the bug where your camera gets stuck, and the round never ends!

:video_game: Added two new gamemodes!

  • Slow Down - Everyone is slower than normal…
  • Slippery Ground - The floor becomes icy and slippery!
  • :tada: Released the game!