McDonalds | Alliance Information

McDonalds | Partnership Program

Adorations! On the behalf of the Public Relations Team, we are outstanded that you are interested in forming a partnership with McDonalds. Before you submit your application to our Public Relations team, we ask that you meet the requirements of our partners. If we deem you unfit of our requirements, we will decline your application. We strive to ensure you get the best communication from our team, so we plan to message your regarding the status of your partnership application.

Alliance Requirements:

  • Obtain over 5,000 members, must not be botted. Exceptions may be taken.

  • Must be in one of the following industries; Food, Salon/Beauty, Clothing, Gameshow, Development/Graphics Studio. We do not consider Military/Clan or troller groups as affiliates.

  • Group must be well organized.

  • Staff must conduct themselves in a professional manner.

  • Your establishment & owner must have a well maintained reputation.

  • The business should be active at all times, meaning that the communications server is being interacted on a daily basis as well as shifts are being hosted.

  • Your business must be willing to announce most of our community events, and must form alliance visits.

  • The business should not have a bad history and must not be involved within drama.

Alliance Application:
The google form to our alliance application will be located below to apply to become an affiliate.

McDonalds | Partnership Program