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Hello, Metanoia Dance Academy is a group based on allowing upcoming dancers to flourish and show success by coming to our daily classes.

Metanoia Dance Academy has a lot of information regarding its policies that we believe everyone should have access to view. Stretching from our community guidelines to even becoming an alliance.

If you have any queries that are not already listed on here, contact our Vice Presidents+


In this section, we will cover certain rules that all staff and members have to follow; these rules must be followed all the time persistently when you are in any of our games and some rules may follow for our communication server.

Many of these rules are similar to Roblox Community Guidelines, therefore, we recommend to look at them as well.

You can check them out here:


- Respect each other.
Metanoia Dance Academy is a leading supporter of LGBTQ+, BLM, RELIGIONs and many more, we will not tolerate any kind of oppressive behaviour or preconceived racist notions. If this occurs, it will be an instant ban.

- Assure what you say is not derogatory or spiteful.
As a team, we feel the urgency of making our group a comfortable environment for others and in order to do that, we need to remain peaceful to each other and not bring anyone down especially if it is uncalled for.

- Hacking, exploiting or vandalising MDA’s games is strictly not allowed.
In order to assure everyone is satisfactory here at MDA, we cannot even remotely allow hacking/exploiting or any thing of the sort as it ruins peoples time here. It simply will not be accepeted; nor will it ever.

- Profanity is strictly prohibited, that follows through our games, groupwall and social medias.
We do this in order to keep our community family friendly and assure people of all ages can enjoy our games. If this does occur however, you will be warned/kicked depending on Roblox TOS and the matter.

- Advertising other groups, players, communication servers are not allowed.
Although supporting groups is amazing, however, spamming our group walls or communication servers is not the correct way to do it! We can formally advertise your group, contact a VP+ and it will be taken into consideration.

- Directly contacting members of staff if you have an issue.
Our games will have bugs or there may be a rude staff member here and there, however, do not complain out loud as you will not be heard. What you can do to make sure the issue is fully resolved is take a screenshot, anything that will back your case and send it directly to an EO+, we do not want any of our members to feel like an isolated case.

- Remain truthful, make sure you are not lying.
MDA strives to keep it a toxic free community, therefore making sure truth is said we can assure that toxic free pleasure for every one of our members.


We host our dance classes in the EST time zone (GMT (+4H). Shows are hosted everyday, during even times.

The host & co host will choose many people at the end of each lesson, who represents the choreographed dance the best, these people will gain Credits. If you are chosen at the end of each lesson, you win 6 credits. With these credits you can level up the ranks and become a phenomenal dancer.


1 | New Dancer
You automatically gain this rank when you join our group.

2 | Upcoming Dancer
You must have 18 credits to level up to this rank, if you have this rank we see and note your efforts and you are showing utter compassion while representing our choreographed dances.

3 | Relevant Dancer
You must acquire 54 credits to level up to this rank, if you have this rank you are storming and striving through these ranks.

4 | Exquisite Dancer
You must obtain 114 credits to level up to this rank, if you have this rank you are showing utter elegance and putting all your heart into these dances.

5 | Sensational Dancer
You must possess 168 credits to level up to this rank, if you have this rank you are showing a lot of potential which is obvious.

6 | Spotlight Dancer
You must acquire 228 credits to level up to this rank, if you have this rank you are definitely mastering the dance world, but you have a couple of more steps to make it to the top.

7 | Revolutionary Dancer
You must have 456 credits to level up to this rank, if you have this rank you are mastering the game and changing the dancing world as well. Not many reach this rank as it has to be persistent perseverance and optimism.

8 | Phenomenal Dancer
You must obtain 1002 credits to level up to this rank, if you have this rank you are the most likely some of the best dancers in the whole dance industry. You consistently show that you are better and power through many ranks. Congrats if you have reached this rank, not many people get remotely possible to this rank.


Our Nomadic team, travel from dance group to dance group, consistently outcoming and beating the other competitors and represent MDA in the best possible light ever - however, this takes time, effort and dedication so if you are not committed this position will not be given to you.

In our communication server, we will post monthly tryouts or whenever MDA goes to a competition. In these tryouts, dancers will strive through multiple routines and only the best of the best will be chosen who show dedication and commitment persistently and that can push through the workload.


Our Staff team will provide enjoyable times for our fellow dancers, these staff members will host classes so many of our dancers have an accessible and efficient time here.

This position will be only allowed to a limited amount, to get in you must be well taught, mannered and make sure your dancers enjoy your classes.

In our communication server, we will post applications averagely every odd month or so if there is a need of staff members, it is pretty simple getting past our first stage; the Application. All you do is write out your thoughts and emotions and why you qualify better then anyone else who is applying for this position.

The next stage will be where many people are not qualified, however, they will still be allowed to join other training sessions, if they do not make any training sessions of that season they have lost there spot.


Alliances must pass through many qualifications, however, we like to integrate our alliances into many things. We love doing collaborations, so in order to be an alliance you must show that you are ready to work with MDA and will be willing to work with MDA.


- Required to fill out an application.
We do this in order to understand and acquire information with groups who’d like to apply.

- Must have a good group reputation.
MDA will strictly only work with clean, toxic free communities with no bad experiences in the past including staff members.

- Your group should have at least 400+ members.
Although, we’d love to help smaller groups, we only do this so we are not overfilled with alliances.

- The group should be active
Your group should get a substantial amount of players or classes hosted a day.


Thank you for taking your time and reading this.
If you have any queries that are not mentioned in here, once again, contact us!

This document will be updated every so often to match the speed of our group.

bhxvy, eam6ns