Meadow Glen Middle School Alliance Information

MGMS Alliance Application


1.1 - Group must have 500+ members on ROBLOX
1.2 - Group must be active on a daily basis
1.3 - Group must show professionalism in both ROBLOX and Communications Server
1.4 - Group must be willing to advertise Meadow Glen’s upcoming events and announcements
1.5 - Group must be willing to collaborate with Meadow Glen’s Executive Team
1.6 - Group must have a good reputation
1.7 - Group must have two representatives at all times in Meadow Glen’s Communication server and ROBLOX group

Please DM your answers to jjakeyyvi, FinessedJake™#0002 or iicyyvi, FinessedIcyy™#0002

What is your establishment’s ROBLOX name and Communication code?

How many members are currently in your ROBLOX group?

Who are your two representatives in our ROBLOX group and Communication server? (ROBLOX and Discord username + tag)

Why are you interested in becoming an alliance with MGMS?

How can your group benefit MGMS?

How can MGMS benefit your group?

Do you understand and agree to all of our requirements?

Any Questions please DM FinessedJake™#0002 or FinessedIcyy™#0002