Meddi | Handbook

Welcome to Meddi’s (Medd-e) Official Handbook, here you can find the answers to the most common questions asked. If your question isn’t here, then use chain of command starting with a MR going up.

Most important:


Becoming a trainee
  1. Apply at our application center
  2. Attend a training at our training center
  3. Get in game and start server!

To get a promotion, you must have at least 3 hours
played that week.

If your a shift leader, you have to get recommended by a Staff Assistant
to receive your promotion that week.

If you have more questions about promotions, please ask in our Discord.



Our guidelines are mostly listed under Roblox’s
Roblox Guidelines Link

For our guidelines, there is no trolling, there is no exploiting, there is no harassment.


If you were banned, warned, or kicked while in the Meddi Restaurant, you can appeal it in our Discord which is listed on the top right corner of our group page.

About Us

Meddi is the #1 restaurant for the BEST Greek / Mediterranean food on Roblox!
In our experience, you are able to have the immersive experience of being a server,
and make the most DELICIOUS food on the platform!

Thanks for reading our handbook. Overall follow all of Roblox’s rules, and we hope this helped you! Again, if you have more questions please ask a MR+

Best Regards,
Jesse - Founder