Meerzean's Random Character Picker

I made a plugin that picks random character from real players.
It picks a random number and checks if its a bacon hair or not. easy.
Give it a try:

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so it doesnt spawn bacon hairs?

user id right?

i guess its kind of useless but it could be fun


I don’t think this should be a plugin. This should be a ModuleScript.

Why there is a blacklist of people who have not connected in over a year?

Ids are not player ids, they are accessory ids. (default bacon hair, default girl hair etc.)

This is not an efficient way to do this, what about if the user is terminated? A lot of users are terminated and if you are unlucky, you could pick a ton of terminated users (or bacon hairs) in a row causing you to get rate-limited.

Oh, okay, but can I ask the point of skipping players with hair like that?

Because almost nine out of ten players are bacon hair. Its so classic, i wanted different characters.

I already check it via api

That api will not error if the user is terminated, it will send back isBanned as true, also you can only send 500 request a minute. Also, please wrap this in a pcall.