"Mega Fun Obby"... But with a twist!

Hello developers,
lately I’ve been working on a fun new game called "Obby :exclamation: "!
I wanted it to be like your typical Mega Fun Obby, but very unique in the sense of how many things there is to do and how polished & finished it is!

I think it’s a cool game with a neat concept, so I thought it might’ve belonged here!

Here’s a link to it if you’d like to try it out:

Also, if you’d like to know the changelog, please check out this post:

What is Obby :exclamation: ?

A game where the end is not the end!
A game that is fun no matter where or when you finished!
A game where rebirthing isn’t just a number, or just the main feature!

Obby, aka “Obbyy”, as referenced in my code, is your average “Mega Fun Obby” but other things have been added to spice things up a bit! Things like: potions that reset when you die, cosmetics that are bought by coins and not Robux, and more help this game stand out from the rest. The easy-to-complete style for each stage, as well as many ways to spend your money contributes to the wild addictiveness that players find when playing! Gosh, even I’m addicted! :laughing:

Feel free to give me feedback if you decide to play! I highly recommend checking it out, then reporting some feedback once your done, right here. Any feedback is appreciated, and I do not mind criticism as long as it’s constructive.

Thanks for checking this post out! :smiley: