Members can't post in #platform-feedback and it gets annoying

Members can’t access #platform-feedback and so then if they report a bug they do it in #help-and-feedback or #development-discussion. Then the post gets multiple replies or gets flagged for not being in #platform-feedback.

Members should be able to post in #platform-feedback, or at least have their post read by someone in staff because honestly it’s really annoying.


Post Approval is gone. If members were allowed to post without checking with PA, then things would be CHAOTIC.

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DM DevEngagementTeam in the meantime following the feature request template if you want to make a feature request or bug report template if it is a bug report.


Not fair for members. What if they have a bug and it’s effecting them?
here’s an example: me.
I’ve been having an issue with chat for a long time, where you can’t see new chat messages unless you refresh the page.
And unless I want to break a rule, I have to keep silent.
is that fair? In my opinion, no.