Meme Space! Update Log

This thread will contain every update done to Meme Space!

:tada:UPDATE 1 :tada:

-New gui layout , this includes everything from new ui gradients to guis being more compatible on mobile
-New cosmetics tab, you can choose between nametags. Comes with chat tag and chat colour aswell!
-Bug fixes! Fixed annoying sound glitches, fixed stage glitches.
-Maps actually appear random now, the script now cycles through all the maps and makes sure it doesn’t appear twice until the cycle starts over again.
-The beta badge is now unavailable
-Deleted some maps due to copyright issues.

:tada: UPDATE 2 :tada:

-Fixed some glitches involving name tags
-New Knock Knock stage!
-New name tags!, admin, beta donator
-You won’t get automatically teleported to the spaceship anymore if you are standing in the lobby or the secret tunnel

-New trails! More trails coming soon!
-New premium name tag
-Your tags and trail settings now save when you leave!

More content updates coming soon!

:star2:UPDATE 4 :star2:

  • NEW EVENTS (1/8 chance of happening at the end of each round)
    – Chicken Mania (1/16)
    – Crash Event (1/16)

    – Meme Junior
    – Meme Explorer
    – Meme Professor
    – Chicken Mania
    – To the moon!

    -Ocean Man tag (have the ocean man badge)
    -Contributor tag (be a contributor)
    -Confused trail (have the bruh badge)

  • Bug Fixes
    -fixed taco bug
    -fixed key bug