Memory questions

I’ve looked at the server memory on my game and noticed that it gradually goes up the longer the server lives.

I’ve noticed the big 3 taking up the most space is network/replicator, network/cache, and UntrackedMemory.

Does anyone know what actions to take to reduce this? I’ve tried looking at my code and use :Destroy() on all non used items/objects, emptied my tables, and I’ve disconnected some connections too. I still can’t find the problem


You probably have a memory leak in one of your scripts.

Examples being using the object that was connected to in a live connection / holding references to destroyed objects (for example not clearing players and player saves from the datastore session table) and other practices that cause instances, tables, and other userdatum to hang in memory or your code is not well optimized (too much table and new table usage, many new cframe calls, etc). Just check all the scripts and see what is not correctly optimized.

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