Memory Usage, Instances

So, I have two set of Trees, and I want to know which one is better.
Currently idk what to use to see which one is better in performance and which one takes less memory.

I have tried:

  • I used microphiler, but it wasn’t very helpful cuz it just increases even in a baseplate with nothing. Sometimes I got even the same results for each set of trees.
  • I used the deprecated Property: DataCost idk how does this one works, or if it even works properly.
    – First Set Of Trees: 5808 – DataCost
    – Second Set Of Trees: 4500 – DataCost
  • Developer Console, (Instance) memory usage is not that precise.

What should I do?

Unless you’re planning to cram a whole ton of high detail trees all around your map I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

If you’re really worried about which one is better for performance, choose the set of trees that has less parts. If it’s a tree with meshes, choose the one with less polygons.

First Set of Trees, which has CollisionFidelity set to default, CanCollide = true, SmoothingAngles = 0, RenderFidelity set to Precise.

Second Set of Trees are the same as the first one just that, CollisionFidelity is set to box, CanCollide = false, SmoothingAngles = 100, RenderFidelity set to Automatic.

EDIT: I have a huge map, it needs to be full of trees.

It sounds like the first set of trees is higher detailed than the second set. If you are planning on having a huge map then you should probably stick to the second set.

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I think you’re confused over what DataCost did. It was a property used to figure out how many units of ‘data’ it would use in the old Data Persistance system. This does not represent how much memory it is actually using.

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