Merxiful - Beginner Scripter [CLOSED]

About Me

I am a beginner scripter, who has been practicing a lot for a bit now! I am making this portfolio in hopes of getting into the whole aspect of getting hired.
I have been on ROBLOX since 2014 on my current account, although I do have older accounts.


I have worked with a dev team on a game called Isla for a while now, you can find it here:

^^ More to come.


I am usually always available on the weekends, however, on the weekdays, there are times I will not be able to work. I definitely prefer smaller projects, as I am not interested in working on a full game yet.


My services are free for now, however this is subject to change as time goes on.


You can contact me on Discord at qmik#5382.

Other than that, have a nice day!


Greetings, I’m interested in hiring you but I had a question first:
How familiar are you with animation scripting?

I’m not super familiar with animation scripting, but I’m pretty sure it’s not too hard.