Mesh Importing Issues

Whenever I try to import a mesh I get an error saying retry and eventually it says retry limit hit. The past 2 times I’ve tried to import a mesh that has happened and I don’t know why

Does it say anything else? It could be that you’re going over the 10k polygon limit Roblox has.

No that isn’t the case, even importing simple things ends like that

Can you maybe send a screenshot of what it says exactly?


Hi!! So I’d like you to try two things. First, check to make sure the mesh isn’t over the 10k tris limit. This can sometimes mess up the import. Second, try changing the name. Sometimes roblox likes to deny stuff but not tell you.

The mesh is under 10k tris, and I made the name roblox and it still didn’t work.

this is the problem im having but no one seems to know the answer

As @Jaudr3y said, change the file name. Roblox is probably censoring it.
Either that or try importing it without bulk import…