Mesh Mirror Help

I’ve been creating a full 3D character model of a humanoid creature that I’m texturing with substance painter and I’ve run into a major issue - I can’t mirror the limbs.

Normally if I wasn’t adding a surface appearance texture onto the model, then I’d just export the meshes and fix their normals with studio. However, because I’m using substance painter and the textures only work when I export the model directly from substance painter, I have to import the meshes into substance painter first. The problem is, when I do this, the normals of the meshes are flipped and I have no way to texture them without it looking awful. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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You can fix that in blender by using shift+n in edit mode to recalculate normals

Already tried, nothing happened when I did that.

did you have the whole thing selected?? you could also flip the normals by going into edit mode>mesh>normals>recalculate outside/inside instead of using the shortcut