Mesh Multi-Import through Drag-and-Drop

In modern Roblox games, developers make a heavy use of meshes. They allow for optimization, a greater variety of assets, and the overall freedom to create appealing builds for our games. The amount of meshes we typically import (in one go) range from about 2 or 3, well up to 30 or 40.

With the amount of meshes we require to import, and given that the uploading process is tedious, slow, and inefficient, we run through the annoyance of spending up to an hour importing meshes one-by-one. It is well-known that developers find this outrageous and detrimental to their workflows.

The Solution:

A simple drag-and-drop interface built into Studio would suffice. Dragging and dropping…say 50 meshes should:

  1. Group all the model pieces together and name each MeshPart after the file name.

  2. Should check run a check on the file names before the import stats, and allowing you to change the upload name, then proceeding to import. (Tired of changing name, reupload, repeat)

  3. Additionally, the “This meshpart has location data, would you like to move the mesh to that location” should also have an option to weld the meshparts together and/or anchor them.

It’s high-time for a feature like this to roll out…