Mesh not loading problem


Currently, I am having a problem loading meshes. I would import the mesh to studio, but when it’s done, the mesh that should have been imported is nowhere to be seen; all that’s visible is just the standard mesh part. It’s like the studio doesn’t even acknowledge I am importing the mesh.

Sometimes this happens, sometimes it doesn’t.

Is anyone else having this problem? Or is there anyway I can fix this?


I had the same problem.

Try to click on “no”
When you import the mesh in the studio.
For me, I can’t upload mesh when I click “yes”

I believe this issue was brought up in this thread, unless you are talking about something different.

Before you insert a mesh to Roblox you need to make sure that your mesh has saved correctly in Blender… this is the following instructions you should follow: File > Import > .Fbx once you’ve done that then I’m sure it would work. [Remember to save it in the fbx file, thats what I normally do and it works fortunately! :D]

This one is a guide to help you import multiple meshes into Studio from Blender.

And this is how you should import meshes correctly with this new feature which Roblox Staffs have added 2 weeks ago.

If you are using Blender, I recommend using “Solidfy” on meshes and then export solidfied meshes. However if mesh won’t load for the first time, you should try it again, because some meshes won’t load immediately. The new feature I’ve sent up there is really useful and I am sure that will help you. :slightly_smiling_face:


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