Mesh Texture Fail

Hi everyone,

I use Fusion 360 as my modeling program and was trying to import this model:

But after I imported it to studio as a .fbx file, it has a weird “texture” on it:

As you can see in the image, there is no textureID, and the darker outlines still show up regardless of color, or even if I add an actual texture.

Any ideas?

Maybe try exporting the mesh as an OBJ rather than a FBX file and then import it into Studio and see if that works?

Turned out it was an issue with height mapping, but I also exported as .obj just incase and it worked. Thanks!

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The reason this happens is because fbx files store extra information on them which is often redundant. I always like to export as OBJ because I don’t get as many bugs like this and the file size is lower