Meshes failing to import

I am trying to upload a mesh using the asset manager on studio, however it keeps giving me the error shown in the image below


There are rare times where it does work, but most of the time I’ve been getting this… and it’s really frustrating. I’d appreciate any help/fix for this problem. Thank you.


I assume it’s just Roblox since there’s been a bunch of problems (I can’t even import images on the website).

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I see… yea there’s several posts on here with the same problem. Just glad it’s not only me. Hopefully it gets fixed soon…

Hi! I’m realizing that this is a Roblox issue.

Right now, I have the same problem and it seems that many other people as well.

Weirdly, Roblox Status doesn’t tell that the Asset Deliver or import assets are degraded.

Let’s hope Roblox fix this ASAP.


Having the same exact problem

I was trying to import multiple meshes and most of them weren’t exporting. I’m glad I’m not the only one with this problem


I’ve been having the same issue, I was just about to post about it. Out of 7 meshes in bulk import, only 2 made it through… hopefully they fix it fast!

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It seems to be working fine so far today. So I assume it has been fixed now.

Hello, I have this problem very often. I recommend waiting a little bit and try it again or restarting your Roblox Studio. It works for me.

Seems like a mesh with more than 10k tris.