Meshes won't import, tried everything

My triangles are a mere 376 only, my obj file is named “tree”, I tried everything and this keeps popping up.
Any tips I could use for this?

instead of saving the file as hey obj. Try and export it as a FBX. And then try and import it to Roblox. I’ve run into a similar problem before, but not with FBX file format. Only obj is usually end up doing that to me.

Thanks! I’ll try it in my free time.

If that doesn’t work, check team create and try to import on a different experience. Its happened to me once.

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Also, for me, its only happened once out of over 700 assets with obj. Obj usually works the best for me.

weird for me obj doesn’t like me I guess I don’t understand why, Personal Problem I guess.

Also, when I started out with modeling and used tutorials, most of them said to export in obj. Sorry to hear that though.

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