Meshpart built with Cancollide on or is solid inside with air, but want to get inside of it now, with cancollide on


I found a meshpart that was probably build with cancollide on and or I cannot get inside of it when cancollide is true. I want to be able to get inside the inner area and have the walls / floor / top still have cancollide on, but in the inner area you can walk around.

When cancollide is on, and I put a spawn part inside of it, the spawn then spawns you above the meshpart, I assume because the inside is ‘solid’ even though it looks like it is not.

Is there a way of exporting it and doing something then importing it, so that only the ‘seen’ parts have can collide on, but the air is still movable…

I do not want to turn cancollide off and then put transparent parts with cancollide on…which is a solution but defeats the purpose of using the mesh… plus there are other meshpart that I would like to fix…

Inside of meshpart

Outside of mesh part and after spawning

Note if there is a way in blender, I have the ap, but have not used it much so steps like do this then this then this would be great!

Thanks a bunch!

Did you tried CollisionFidelity parameter with PreciseConvexDecomposition?

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Yes, I have that set already… and meant to put it in my comments…

Is the issue that you cannot enter the inside of the tunnel mesh, or that you cannot spawn in there when the spawnpoint is in it?

First try to enter the mesh… if it works and you can enter, then your spawn point is too close to the ceiling of the mesh, try lowering it.

If you cannot even enter the mesh, then it is an issue with the mesh, did you make this meshpart?

There is not entry to get into the mesh , but I have done it before with other meshes or unions, which with unions when you do things like , negate and union, you need to make sure both of them have collide off, before you do it… then the inside can be gotten into, and or hollow, and you can turn back on cancollide, and it has collide on… but you can still get inside of it…

The spawn point is fine, about 10 blocks off of the bottom , and it is a large air area… but I think when they built the mesh it was all solid and or they did it with a bunch of parts and them made it a meshpart somehow, but the inner area which looks like open air, is still solid… that is why when you spawn into it, it kicks you up higher to the top of the meshpart… from the first picture you can see it is a good distance off of the bottom, and not near the top…

just like if you had a big block and put a spawn in the center of it

I am just wonder if there is a way to export it to like blender and it is ‘smart’ enough to let the inner air area not be solid and then you can get into it…

I am just wondering if anyone knows some tricks of changing it from solid to air in the inside…

I see… in blender the vertices will need to all change if there are none built into the inside. As far as i know there is no quick magic fix for that.

If it was built this way it needs to be “hollowed” out in blender which isnt hard for someone who is familar with it… only the entrance and exit need to be opened and then the inner face can be added fairly quickly.

Cool, thank you for replying!

Do you know of any YT vids that show how to do this in blender?


Try this one and see if it helps:

If not you can search similar, i dont know if the ends of your tube are closed or open but you will be able to tell from this video.

Sweet thanks!

It is a round circle like donut shape, with the inner part being ‘hollow’, thus why there are no openings… I might also try some teleport pads to go in and out of it, but I assume that if the spawn is doing as it is, then it is solid inside, even though it looks like air…

I will check out the YT, I appreciate it!

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Teleport pads do not work either…

U can try use parts as boundary as turn off collision for mesh

Try to use a solidify modifier on your mesh within blender(make sure normals face correct direction) which will make the “Hollow” part of your torus collidable space and turn on presiceconvexdecomposition in studio