Meshpart scaling bug in Studio with 100% crash rate


I found a bug related to meshparts that are guaranteed to crash studio 100% of the times. This is a Studio bug as you are required to have Studio’s scale tool in order to reproduce this bug. This bug will always occur if you are working with a mesh that is perfectly flat (an example of this would be a mesh such as a “plane”, whenever uploaded it would be sized x,0,x where x are arbitrary size values).

If you do not have access to make a simple flat mesh then here is a .rbxm and a .fbx with the same mesh
FlatPlaneMesh.rbxm (2.2 KB)
FlatPlaneMesh.fbx (10.8 KB)

Repro steps:

  1. Create a mesh that is perfectly flat (if you use blender just insert a single “plane” and export it as a .fbx or use one of the files I provided above)

  2. Insert the mesh into a meshpart.

  3. Select the meshpart with the Roblox studio “Scale” tool (Ctrl + 3 is the default hotkey for this tool in studio)

  4. Hold in “Shift” to scale the meshpart and select whatever handle it is that corresponds to my green colored handle as shown below.

  5. Studio should now have stopped responding.

Additional information:
If you don’t hold in Shift when scaling the meshpart then you will get this result. So in order to repro this bug you are required to use Shift + Scale or else it will not work!


If Roblox hasn’t ported the tool from C++, then my guess is this is a divide by zero in error when trying to determine how much to resize the other dimensions.