MessageService:SubscribeAsync() runs multiple times?

For some reason :SubscribeAsync() runs multiple times?
I did not run PublishAsync 2 times. I only ran it one time.
“sent” prints out 2 times (without the check) after the check it still prints out two times.
My game had 2 servers running.

function isEqual(table1, table2)
	if _G.request == nil then return false end
	if table.getn(table1) ~= table.getn(table2) then return false end
	for i,v in pairs(table1) do
		if table1[i] ~= table2[i] then return false end
	return true


	-- Subscribe to the topic
	local subscribeSuccess, subscribeConnection = pcall(function()
		return	 MessagingService:SubscribeAsync(MESSAGING_TOPIC, function(message)
			message = message.Data
			if isEqual(_G.request, message) == true then return end
-- and further on..
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